Tuesday, 9 June 2015


Chatting with Miss Tiah Knox was like catching up with an old friend you haven’t spoken to in awhile.
Her open and friendly aura made it easy to relate, coupled with an enchantingly bubbly personality it becomes evident that she is extremely passionate and dedicated to her work.
But we were there to get the inside scoop and exclusives on Sierra Leone fashion, what we should be expecting in the future and some of Tiah's inside fashion do’s and don’t tips.

In an earlier interview with Sierra Network Radio Tiah made an exclusive announcement, that she is currently involved in plans to open the doors to Sierra Leone’s  first ever Fashion Institute.
She had in previous assessment Of Sierra Leone fashion industry noted that the fashion sector is missing the professional aspect. She stated “the fashion industry in Sierra Leone has the passion and creativity, but lacks the professionalism to project or propagate its full benefit, and it also hinders its marketing and promotion.   With the fashion institute these areas will be covered and taught to the nations future fashion brands and their designers. Making sure they posses the right tools and attitude to run a thriving  professional business.
Though she wasn’t at liberty to disclose any further details relating to the project, she was happy to tell us about the upcoming Sierra Leone Fashion week that will be held in New york this September. With so many things on the horizon she explained how she is never left idle or bored.  
I am addicted to my work and every single time I have I allow my creative mind to work… I make time for family and other love ones then I work, you will never catch me just seating around doing nothing. Its why I am never bored”

As someone who worked extremely hard to achieve her present status, Tiah believes in empowering the youth , providing them with the guidance they need to enable them to be successful and productive in the future.
With the success of Freetown fashion week 2013 under her belt  and as one who is very committed to securing an acknowledged world recognition of Sierra Leonean fashion, we had to ask her what fuels her confidence and passion to do the work she does “the youth inspire my style, conservative and provocative, I dress mostly thinking of my girls to show them that they can be well put together and sexy without showing too much. For big events I like to design and make my garments to fit my body style since it so hard to find sometimes"

When it comes to fashion Tiah believes that a shift dress is a must have for every woman's closet because of its versatility. She also shared a top beauty tip of hers which was to"always keep vaseline handy , small and fragrant-less, good for everything even your smile"

Sierra leone fashion week is now open for Registrations and Nominations  at:

Connect with Tiah on social media and get alerts on the project as it develops.

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