Wednesday, 15 July 2015

Sierra Leone Music Stars Support and Promote Female Hygiene: #AfricanChildNeeds

Buying sanitary pads for some is as easy as popping into a grocery store,but this is not the case for many girls in Sierra Leone who are forced to stay at home as they are unable to afford this basic necessity.

A majority of girls in Sierra Leone use unhygienic alternatives to sanitary pads, such as old cloth , newspapers and other makeshift materials to manage their menstruation, which puts them at a huge risk of infection.And many girls aged between 13- 19 miss a week of school every month, for lack of sanitary pads.

A couple of Sierra Leonean musicians are taking a step to change this, with what we have dubbed the #AfricanGirlNeeds

David  Dukusamba stage name “Buba and Fantacee Wiz have joined a project whose mission is to educate girls on caring for themselves during this sensitive time.
The maxi pad & Soap drive “ Give them pads not rags” has already visited a number of schools around Freetown donating sanitary towels and soap packs ,promoting one message of “Hygiene" to over 600 hundred pupils so far.

Buba With School Pupils

Fantacee Wiz Doing what she does best.

The Pupils

The team giving the talk 

Sanitary Donations

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