Tuesday, 20 October 2015

Celebrity Gossip: Heyden Adama Unveils Large New Half Sleeve Arm Tattoo.

Roses are red, Violets are blue..., Heyden Adama's got a new tattoo.

Heyden Adama loves a bit of body art and none shocked us more than her new rose tattoo, which the Sierra Leone afro pop princess unveiled on her arm via her Instagram this week.

The dark shaded roses, connected at the petals, took up a fair bit of skin from her elbow down onto her wrist.
Heyden took close up photos to show off her new ink and happily grammed : "#Done #roses are red. but here they #black #tattoos"

The 25-year-old  also has“ Don’t gain the world and lose your  soul because  wisdom is better that silver and gold” on her right side.
She is believed to have one or two other tattoos, but they are rarely seen by the public.

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