Wednesday, 7 September 2016

Anti- Rape Activist Fantacee Wiz Shares Rape Attempt Story on Facebook (VIDEO Inside)

Fantacee Wiz shared a video on Facebook yesterday, opening up about how she had become a victim of an attempted rape attack.

Telling her story of the incident that took place in Freetown, she told of how her attacker, a close friend, had made cunning plans to trick her into his home and place her in a situation of vulnerability.

The singer, who in the last year has been an active, prominent Anti- Rape campaigner in Sierra Leone, told viewers especially the women: “to be alert of their surroundings and the people around them”.
Statistics have shown that in many rape cases the attacker is someone close to the victim, a family member or a friend.One in two women will be raped, one woman is raped every 17 seconds, and around 1 300 women are raped every day.

In her video the singer is clearly seen in a very distraught state showing evidence that she was still in shock of what had happened.
There was no mention of whether the incident had been reported to the police and Fantacee chose to not disclose the identity of her attacker .
By making the video she hope that caution and attention will be drawn to the fact that rape is not an act committed only by strangers to the victim. 

Watch her Video below:


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