Friday, 8 July 2016

Zainab Sheriff Celebrates Pregnancy with Nude Photoshoot .

"I have been looking forward to pose my absolute naked self in front of a professional photographer since the day I realised I'm pregnant." 

Wish granted, Zainab Sheriff  looks flawless in images she shared through Instagram ,of the star baring all for her pregnancy shoot ,showing off her growing baby bump and incredible figure

The model,actress/ singer is expecting her first child, a boy, with her husband and the photos  capture a very important time in their lives as she prepares to give birth anytime from now. 

Since announcing that she was expecting in February, the mom to be hasn't  been shy about documenting her pregnancy through social media, often sharing photos in swimwear or tight fitting clothing, which didn't always sit well with a few of her 57,000 followers. 
During her pregnancy Zainab has faced backlash from some critics who think that its improper for an expecting mother to show off her body.

Responding to negative comments made about a trip to the beach where she wore a bikini, she wrote “Society think it not okay for an African woman to show off her pregnancy because the korkor ( sorcery)  will come get me…

It's funny how someone called me a bad mother because I dare to dangle my pregnancy in the manner in which I choose, it's funny how I stayed up through 2015 praying for this and now that God has answered my prayers society is telling me I'm not fit to be a mother simply because I choose to celebrate how I so desire.. I have been at war with society since I was 12 years old and I'm still winning" 
“If judging me makes you feel better about your self, judge away. If it makes you happy, feel free to be happy on my expense but don't expect me to care though...” 

 Embracing the changes to her body, Zainab reveals that she is comfortable in her skin, enjoying her pregnancy and that she will miss the “glow” once she gives birth.

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  1. I think that's a perpetual disgraceful behavior for an African to uphold to such blitz Westernized culture of eroticism! thus it's sad to see that has intertwined with her true Africanized identity! Indeed, the true nature of her African culture and values etc seems missing therefore I consider her a lost individual in African society. Moreover, the act of her stripping herself naked didn't echoed any African role modeling standard as it's a consequential act that's resulted in a byproduct and wannabe American.

    Although am not judging her personally thus I am avertly unimpressed with such behaviors...

    I think Africans need to maintain the rich and unique cultural values that we're known for worldwide.

    Thus, I pause with no hard feelings.


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