Thursday, 8 October 2015

CY Exclusive Interview & Photos: Inside the Beautiful Traditional Engagement Ceremony of Natasha Beckley and fiancé Stephen Tucker.

Natasha and fiance Stephen "We share a beautiful love story" 

News that former beauty queen Natasha Beckley and her boyfriend  had become engaged made major headline a few weeks ago.
On the 3rd of October the pageant director and her fiance, Stephen Tucker,   held their traditional engagement ceremony in the U.S.
The couple struck up a romance in March this year after they were introduced by Stephen’s mothers twin sister "Mama Joyce".

In an exclusive interview with CornerYai, we caught up with the former beauty queen, who filled us in on the proposal,engagement and wedding plans gossip. 

Congratulations Natasha! How do you feel about becoming a Mrs and a wife?

The greatest overwhelming feeling ever!!

Becoming a wife is a beautiful feeling, it's a stage of learning how to take up responsibility and grow up fast. Learning that I have to make it in life because we have to lay the foundation for our happiness and to raise our future children. Evaluating, always making sure that we are making the right decisions for the both of us. This has been an amazing experience, also learning how to balance African entertainment and having a lifetime partner.

Did you have a  hint or idea that he would propose when he did?
Stephen is God sent, I knew he was going to propose but was not sure when. I hate surprises.

So how did it happen, how did he propose?
As a former beauty queen and pageant director I am use to planning EVERYTHING. I need to know WHO, WHAT, WHERE, WHEN , and HOW, but after a beautiful day at six flags on Sunday, Monday September 7th and extra large slices of cheese pizza in Philly, Stephen started telling me how much I meant to him , he got on his knees and proposed.
Jumping with excitement i ran away and I remember a lady saying "Girl you better go get your man."(Laugh)  It was such a beautiful feeling.

On the 8th of September I celebrated my 28th birthday, what a great start, and I look forward to counting many blessings.

When did you know that Stephen was “the one”?

I knew Stephen was the one after our first conversation. Fairy tales do come true, Cinderella got nothing on me just kidding but I am serious. I was scared to death because he reminds me so much of my father and my brothers.
I am the only girl and my Father and my brothers are my world. Stephen stole my heart with his charming personality, he is extremely passionate about everything, God fearing, kind hearted and very supportive. I knew that I was in trouble, and that this man was in my life to love me forever. I was so scared, thinking to myself "Oh God am I ready, i hope he likes spaghetti or baked salmon, Lord what if he always craves Sierra Leonean food , if he does what sauces can I cook , mom can we make a recipe book , mom I need you , mom pick up (laugh).Nervous because I was not sure if I was ready to make this step, but definitely sure because in his arms my heart found a resting place. I will not trade this man for the world and I thank God for such a beautiful Union.

So you know we have to ask,Have you set a wedding date?
if you haven’t,will you let us know when you do?
Yes yes yes I will certainly let you know and extend your invitation, but I just want to rest. We just celebrated our traditional engagement on the 3rd of October and I am trying to get over that before moving on.
Finally I will also like to say, thank you to all the family and friends that supported Stephen and I on the 3rd , we had an amazing time, and I can honestly say that I have the BRIDAL PARTY OF LIFE. My girls were so beautiful.

Well, it has been a pleasure chatting with you Natasha, and we wish you and Stephen all the best in your upcoming nuptials.

Thank you for this beautiful interview,and for the unbelievers, real Sierra Leonean love in our generation exists.
Signing out ,Natasha Beckley soon to be Mrs Beckley-Tucker (Laugh)

View pictures of their beautiful Engagement Celebration ceremony below:

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