Tuesday, 26 May 2015

BTS Sierra Leone music duo DoubleBangz & Awil longomba *Circulate Remix*

Uk based Sierra Leonean rapping duo Doublebangz collaborated with congolese veteran musician Awilo Longomba in the remix for their popular song "Circulate"

On set with the boys, Isa and Mistri Bangs gave a teaser summary of what we are to expect from their video. Still with lyrics about girls shaking their hips and behinds the concept for this video is more of a structured storyline than their previous.
Based on a small village in Sierra-Leone called "Sarfrokor"  the story sees  Awilo as King Longomba highly respected by the people of the land and the Doublebangz  boys as his grown sons, who are yet to settle down. A competition is held by king Awilo where girls can showcase their beauty and most importantly, their dance moves in hopes that his sons can pick one girl each to be their wife.

With what resembles  an african cinderella story line, the boys made very handsome prince's in their  Moroccan Jebba inspired outfits  and the traditional afro-styling looks well thought of and put together.


 Got our eyes scratching to see what all these ideas look like as a final product.

The royal Dance

The royal dance 

King Longomba

At the royal palace 

Mistri Checking out the girls Circulation ...

Mistri in prince Mode 

Double Bangz with dancers 

Source: Facebook
Photo Courtesy-  Pro Nnagbo Production 

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