Tuesday, 1 September 2015

Rahim D Wezard Calls Out Salone Artists "If You're Not Known in Sierra Leone as an Artist it's Worthless"

Well, that's one way to get someone to listen to your “Advice".

Rahim D Wezard a Sierra Leonean artist living  in America, put the music industry on blast when he posted a statement on his Facebook page addressing his fellow or should we say “so called” artists.

In his statement the Hejenah Entertainment artist wrote  no matter how you do even if you record 10 albums if you are not known in Sierra Leone it’s worthless”
Following a flood of comments, both negative and positive, he proceeded to post a follow up video response to elaborate more on his choice words.

According to Rahim there seems to be a lack of structure within the Sierra Leone music industry and its artists. Individuals are taking up the craft calling themselves artists  ‘just because the feel like it, and have the money to do so”. They crave popularity and  praise from close friends and family and tag their songs  as “hits songs” with no credible, deserving recognition.

As someone who has been in the music industry for 5 years and one whose songs are being played and recognised in Sierra Leone, Rahim reckons he knows a thing or two about what makes an artiste worthy of the title.
“ There are a lot of talented artists out there, he says " but if you do not promote your albums and you are not known in Sierra Leone, you are not a Sierra Leonean artist… There is no Sierra Leone industry overseas. If you are an artist who wants to be known as a Sierra Leonean artist you have to promote your songs in Sierra Leone.”

His words sparked quite a reaction on Facebook with fans and rappers alike stating their opinion.

“Our music does not generate revenue. We produce new music frequently, advertise new music coming, but the videos bring in no income” says one commenter

Self professed social media trouble maker D Bangz D 'African kata' wasn't dazzled by Rahim’s words and he responded with a video  on Rahim’s page,  where he calls the paper singer an  “Unknown underground artist who is not on the level of the likes of Shady baby etc”.

Opinions , opinions we all have them. What are your thoughts on Rahim’s statement to Sierra Leone artists?

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