Tuesday, 1 September 2015

They Know Each Other ?: Celebs You Never Knew Were Friends or Know Each Other.

As usual every year many African culture proud flood to the annual AfroPunk  music festival to enjoy the good food, variety of music genre performances and of course showcase their amazing unconventional styles.

But one person we were not expecting to see was Adama Kai. 

The popular Aschobi brand designer who has been on an hiatus for almost two years, accompanied Yeniva Sisay-Sogbeh to the festival in America. Her resent return to social media posting throwback designs from the brand also hints that she might be planning a comeback to the fashion scene.  
We were very happy to see Adama ,especially if it means the return of one of the nations best in design, but,Who knew these two knew each other?!

This got us thinking, there are tons of friendships that we all know about, from Jimmy B and  Nasser Ayoub to Zainab Sheriff  and Bassey, but you might be surprised at some of these little-known celebrity duos.
Scroll through to see the high-profile pals that might make you scratch your head.

The traditional poet and story teller Usifu Jalloh'The Cow Foot Prince' (right) &  Singer Showers Jalloh.
The pair now have a on the road show together where they go around school in the UK teaching on Sierra Leone Culture. 

Singers Latoya Rhage and Esther were belonged to the same label once upon a blue moon ago.

Female Emcee Star Zee & Footballer Mohamed Kallon.

Singers Jeffery Black Nature of Refugee all Stars and Heyden Adama. Jeffery taught Heyden how to play the Ukuele ( tiny Guitar)

Jeffery is also close good friends with Hassan Iftoni.
The Wokie girls and PJ Cole(first right) . Madam Wokie even designed the outfit PJ wore when he met the queen. 

The fun for good time bud, entertainment promoter  Lawal Alhadi &  singer Nasser Ayoub. Whenever we see these two together they are on the beach with friends having some sort of fun.

Abizzy & Souferior 

The sexy duo that is designer Amizo Bah &  model, actress now singer Zainab Sheriff 

Music Producer Nashito Kulala ( left) & Abizzy ( right). The pair are under the same managing team, Hejenah.

Singers Fantacee Wiz & Heyden Adama. It may look like a friendship that developed over night but these two besties sure have fun together.

(Front left )Filmaker Nick Asgill, Entertainment promoter & DJ Granville (front right), Singer Suga Lulu (back right)) & producer  Nashito Kulala( back left)

Alonzo (left) and rapper Young Free( right)

Nasser Ayoub & Heyden Adama

Designers Mary-ann Kai Kai & Kadiatu Gholley 

Menace, Nashito and Natasha. 

Menace da General & Vida.

Suga LuLu and Model Ramatu Wurie

Singer Rozay ( right) & presenter Marina( left)

This photo of Kadiatu Gholley( left) and Amie Dumbuya ( right) at Kadiatu's private birthday bash.

Dallas Bantan( right) & Famous ( left). The pair were both on the bill at the afrobeats festival Uk alongside Emmerson , Lady Matto , Mr1 etc.

Footballer Kei Kamara & Nick Asgill 

Beauty queens/ Models Hawa Kamara( Front) and Miss Sierra Leone ltd 2014 Margaret Murray (Back)

Media Consultant Vickie Remoe &  God father of Sierra Leone Music Jimmy B

Actor & producer Morris Sesay & Zainab Sheriff

Buba and Heyden Adama chill at Gina's

Heyden Adama & chill boy swag Yung Sal

Matto & King Hamin 

Kadiatu Gholley and Sierra Leonean UK Based designer Harold Bernard

Bassey & Zainab Sheriff

Buba and Idriss Kpange. They are both work as part of popular magazine show WETIN NOW team

Artists supporting each other , ( from left to right) Dannee J , Suga Lulu, Matto ,CeCe

Buba & DJ quata

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