Sunday 6 September 2015

Vickie Remoe's Shocking Baby Reveal

"Sometimes the best way to hide is in plain sight"

Fans and Friends were left gasping in shock on Saturday, when Vickie Remoe revealed  through photos on her Instagram that

She is a new Mom!!.
Posting this photo of two filled breast pump feeding bottles of milk, the business media consultant wrote:

" 99Problems, Breastmilk is not 1..."
But the shocked reaction wasn’t just due to the fact that Miss Remoe had a baby, but also because the GoWoman managed to hide her pregnancy from the public including us for a whopping 41 weeks and a further week after giving birth.

During her pregnancy all signs went unnoticed as she went about business as usual , successfully sharing photos on social media, wearing loose-fitting clothes and managing to not gain any visible extra pounds.

Vickie who is already on a healthy post baby diet regime, revealed that she and "Le Boo” Edward are the proud parents of a bouncing baby boy who they have named Olushola Munda Victor Sheriff.
Sharing the first post baby photo of her and her little man out on a walk, the glowing new mom already looks in fantastic shape. 
 Now we know the secret behind the rapid hair growth.

Massive congratulations to the couple and may God protect and bless their little angel.

Source: Vickie Remoe (Instagram)

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