Friday, 16 October 2015

Yazmin Karim Hints at New Romance.

Yazmin Karim has found new love- or so it seems according to the status that she shared on Wednesday on her Facebook page.
 "Being in love with your best friend is probably the best thing that could ever happen...”

The 24-year-old ,who found fame after winning the Miss Sierra Leone UK Pageant 2015, is busy in Sierra Leone promoting and doing work for her Charity organisation ‘Not Just Pynk ‘(NJP), which focuses on supporting the education and development of young ladies both in Sierra Leone and UK. 

But could it be that someone else has caught her attention out in the motherland?, she is not giving anything away but she did share a list of how to keep a man / woman happy in a relationship with particular focus on point number 54:
She wrote “Hahahhha well the list isn't exhausting, but very true especially number 54”. 
And point number 54 reads: “Should learn not to ask for change when u give money for shopping. Whatever u give out becomes rightly hers no matter how big the note is."

We hope that whomever this was for, they are picking up on her hints.
And as for us, we shall keep an eye on this possible love story.

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