Tuesday, 13 October 2015

Zainab Sheriff Opens Up On Surviving and Moving Past Rape.

It's not every day a person is able to move on from a horrific ordeal that happened to them in the past, but  Zainab Sheriff  was able to do just that!

As the world celebrated “Day of the Girl”, Plan Sierra Leone marked the occasion with an event organised at the Freetown Family kingdom on  Sunday 11th October .
Special guest speaker on the day, model/ actress Zainab Sheriff was chosen to share words of encouragement to the young crowd of school girls who attended the program.

Following the event the star shared this photograph (below) of her accepting a certificate from the first lady, Madame Mrs Sia Koroma , which recognised her role as a “life champion and a role model for young girls”.

Along with the picture Zainab chose to share with the world, a touching summary of her life, in hopes of empowering young women and girls.

“Today we celebrate being a girl, and because I'm a girl I will like to take this opportunity to encourage young girls to be strong, be hopeful and be fearless. She wrote.

“ When I say be strong, I'm talking of mental strength, when I say be hopeful, I meant be dare to dream and when I say be fearless, I meant be determine.

I'm a lady who was once an underprivileged girl with less opportunity, a girl who had to go to bed sometimes without a proper meal, a girl who at age 14 lost her role model, her inspiration, her backbone, her first love, her MOTHER.”

 A girl who at age 14 got RAPED during our senseless civil war, A girl who at age 16 had a child and lost the child 5 days later.
Strength (mental strength), hope (dream), fearlessness (determination ) got me through.

“ I dreamt of the day I will be powerful enough to tell my story with my head held high. Today I was awarded by PLAN INTERNATIONAL SIERRA LEONE in this picture the first lady of our nation, her excellence Madame Sia Koroma was handing me a certificate (an award ) for being a life champion and a role model for young girls. I thank Allah, for my pains do not break me , they made me. I thank my MOM for teaching me by example what being a woman really is. RIP JAJA”

Source: Instagram

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