Wednesday, 16 December 2015


Fashion directior,Tiah Knox opens up about her lump diagnosis and miraculous treatment.

Director and host of Sierra Leone ‘s fashion week revealed on Monday that  doctors recently found a lump in her body which left them and herself with cause for concern.
But at her follow up checkup a week later after her diagnosis,  the doctors found that the lump was miraculously “gone”

Sharing her remarkable story online via her personal face book profile she posted a picture( below) of the what she only puts down to the thankful  mercy of God.
She said: "When God has a better plan for your life!!!. One week later the lump is gone!!!
The doctors diagnosed but God has the final say. what a year I've had. THANK YOU LORD!!! Now I can go back to making an impact in the village of fashion. Thanks to the few people that reached out just to say hello #Godwin #HealthIsWealth

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