Sunday, 14 February 2016

15 Sierra Leonean Love Songs To Celebrate Valentines Day With.

As Sierra Leonean couples celebrate Valentine’s Day without any worries or distractions.
 For those that’ll be celebrating valentine’s day here are 15 Sierra Leonean love songs you can use celebrate your day. Press play relax and enjoy.  You’re welcome

15.   ALONZO- 'Unconditional Love' 
He gave us Angel and now he is giving us tips on keeping that unconditional love with that special someone. 


14. SUGA LULU- 'Take Over Me'

13. EMMERSON- 'Sweet Palm Wine'

12. LXG- 'Kaki'


11. JUNGLE LEADERS- 'I Just Wana Love You'


10. JAH THE ELEMENT- 'One N'Only Lover'


9. SHADYBABY- 'Nor Go Taya'


8. LAJ- 'Tawa For You'


7. JIMMY B- ' Signed Sealed Delivered'



5. HEYDEN ADAMA- 'Fit In Gbet'


4. ABIZZY ft RAHIM- 'Take Me Away"

3. CECE- '  Na You Ar Want'


2. DALLAS - ' Me Lovetta'


1. BUNNY MACK- ' Let Me Love You'

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