Sunday, 7 February 2016

"Having a Focus, Trustworthy, Loyal Lady By Me Will Make Me More Complete" Dannee J Survivor Hints on Facebook That He Ready To Settle Down

It’s about that time.
With many of his fellow artistes tying the knot last year, Dannee J may be feeling the pressure to give up the bachelor life and settle down for good with one woman by his side.

The twenty-something year-old After The Rave singer posted on Facebook ,

Soo... as have just crossed my #midTwenties, Fighting Hard to Becoming Successful, have Looked Back and Forth & Realised Having A #Focus #Trustworthy # Loyal  Lady By My Side  Will Make Me Feel Complete …’


The father of one is friends with many beautiful ladies within the industry but he hasn’t been romantically linked to anyone so far. It's only the start of the year with Valentines day fast approaching and a whole lotta love in the air, so who knows what will happen.

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