Sunday, 7 February 2016

Cutest Kiddos in SierraVille.

There are some seriously cute kids in SierraVille. Come and coo over these super-sweet Celebrity kids - we just can't resist.

 Flick through the pics of the newest (and cutest) kids of the stars.

1Having a beauty queen, Yazmin Karim for a parent,  Nayeema will always be one of the most stylish kids on the block, armed with bright brown eyes and a beaming smile.


2. Its only fair to say adorable Olushola Victor, 6 months, well and truly steals the limelight from mommy, Vickie Remoe who recently confessed that she went  out somewhere and all people cared about was seeing Olu. But can you blame them though.


 3. Inheriting the best of their international footballer father Tetteh Bangura and their mother Isata, there is no doubt that Floyd and baby bro Caleb are going to break some hearts in the future.


4. We have only been treated to tiny glimpse of her so far, but we sure can say Kei Kamara and wife Kristin's daughter is a happy little one with skills  to follow in the footsteps of her sporty parents.

5. Baby Risma, daughter of singer and actor Morris is simply as cute as can be .

6. When you've got cool parents with some impressive cool set of friends, there is no way that you could be less hip, just ask Abizzy's kids.

7. Rapper LA. J and Suga Lulu's little Miss Fatima definitely scores some aww points especially with her poses.

8.With a talented Dj /presenter daddy, its no surprise that DJ little's kids caught  the creative bug along side some smarts.

9Martha,  Fatima and Amirah are not only adorably cute kids, but they also seem to be the best of buddies. The sweet sisters appear to  love nothing more that hanging out with singer mum Cece and their dad at family day outs

10. Following in his father's footsteps with his cute rap/singing videos , Cool J's  son is the main reason why he puts in the work.  

11.Daddy's girl Henliz, daughter to rapper Young Free is just the female copy of her daddy and the bond between them is just too adorable. 

12. The oldest son of Royal Dynamite co-owner Ralph is just as brilliant and cool as his daddy.

13. Looking like butter wont melt it's Alonzo Jr.

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