Monday, 18 July 2016

The Power of Support: Interview with ISATU MANSARAY|| Radio Host || Social Personality|| Youth Advocate|| Achiever

Sassy, spirited and stylish, broadcaster, Isatu Bridget Mansaray has warmed her way into the hearts of her listeners and viewers earning her an enviable reputation as an on air personality.
Starting out her career as an actress, she has slowly transitioned into TV presenting and now a radio hosting gig  on Ahodwo FM as the presenter of her hit show, The Switch.
Speaking to CornerYai the business management student talks experience in broadcasting, making a difference and engaging with the world with media.

Congratulations on the amazing job  you are doing with the switch.
 What was the motivation to start down this career path?
I believe that everyone is a storyteller, and everyone has a story-worth sharing. I remember when I was young and desperately needed to talk someone about my life and my struggles but no one was available at time.I'm using this platform to encourage and motivate people not to give up in life and keep pushing for greatness. I believe our existence on the planet is because we have a story to live out and tell. It's what makes us unique as we develop  ourselves. The Switch is a movement at the heart of many struggles around the world people want to share their voices, and shed light on the reality of their experiences.

Being a young individual within such an industry , has your age had any effect on the audience that you connect with?
 I don't think my age has any effect on my target audience because I believe if people love and are in support of what I am doing, then I don't see why that should restrict them... The positive things of being a young presenter is that I get to connect and empower both young and old people. 
I love meeting  variety of people- people who understand the work I do.Meeting influential people in the industry is also a bonus point for me-as I like to learn and experience different things. However the lowdown side of being a young presenter is not having all the resources and support from people especially, from Sierra Leoneans.

I think the reason why our leaders don't  respect the young generation is because they are scared that we might take their position or might feel threaten by the fact that we as young people are very hungry  for success- so they rather not support or respect our crafts and talent.. Well that's just my opinion. Respect goes a long way in developing Sierra Leone. Our leaders needs to start believing in the young generation! We have so much to offer. I think if they start being respectful and support the youths, this will shows a positive attitude in our entertainment industry. A leader who is courteous, listens to others and treats people fairly is a good respectful role model to the young generation!

You are a strong advocate of supporting each other.
How do you think we can promote and change the way people interact with Sierra Leonean news especially on social media?
 Social media is one of the most important tools in our generation. Its has enabled people to have a voice and this is why it has become essential for presenters, actress, singers change the way their interact with their fans. However majority of our people use social media to tackle their issues with someone they are beefing with... 
This is so dumb and stupid- I mean if you have problem with someone, why not message them privately? Must you publish it on Facebook, Twitter? I think Sierra Leoneans should use this tool to empower, support and appreciate one another and not use it to start a "Facebook war" is unnecessarily and childish!

A little more about you
You are also an actress and you have rubbed shoulders with some pretty major players in the game. Do you ever get star struck and which celebrity meeting made you the most nervous ?
Yes, I am! I started as an actress but I always wanted to do something different. 
Something I  feel comfortable doing is presenting- even though I still act, I am more focus on my presenting.
Iyanya was my first ever star struck moment and would always be (Lol). First time I met him I had goose bumps and everything went blank for a moment. You could say that I was star-struck: considering that I was about to step on set to shoot a commercial with him, well, who could blame me? Five minutes later however, I felt so at ease mostly due to his gentle nature and humble personality.
Over the years i have added to the list of international and national stars I have met such as Ramsey Noah, Desmond Elliot, Alex Ekubo, Heyden Adama, Bisa Kdei, Nasser Ayoub etc...

You were in Sierra Leone recently, did you make any collaboration /connections whilst you were out there, do you plan on returning soon ?
 Yes I did!. I will definitely be returning home soon. Sierra Leone is my home. I'm currently working on my charity organisation call the "Switch Foundation" which in support to provide resources and motivate the youths in Sierra Leone to pursue their dreams and aspirations. I know People all around the world are facing so many challenges – hunger, insecurity, civil war and uncertainty about their future. I will be printing out t-shirts to raise money for the less privilege youths in Sierra Leone! Watch out t-shirts would be available soon for purchase! Also watch out for Switch interviewer videos with our own supper stars coming out soon!

Any advice and tips for individuals that want to follow your footstep/career path?
I think it’s important to know your craft and be yourself! You have to be focused and have a clear vision of what is it you want to do. Of course, there will be many bumps along the way, but don’t get distracted by the zigzags in the road. Vision and passion are very clear; if you believe in something, other people will too. Chase your dream!

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