Thursday, 1 September 2016

Sierra Leonean Athlete Turned His Passion into Community Fitness Start-Up

Train With the best in Sierra Leone Athletics (Track).

Vivian ‘Skinny’ Williams has recently come onto the spotlight for his sporting accomplishments as a sprinter, and he has a number of other projects that will be rolling out onto screens very soon.

Given the lack of facilities and very limited training offered by the Sierra Leone Athletics Association, in addition to the none existent promotion of health and fitness in the country, Vivian has set out to create a one stop health shop to show the benefits of regular exercise on the body.

The 20 something yr-old has partnered with close friends to start the ‘Wi Fit’ Fitness Club in Freetown,that would cater to everyone from those wanting to fit a quick workout into their busy schedules and those striving to become better athletes.

The program uses a combination of endurance, weight and sports training within their sessions held every week, with the focus on building strength, cardio and overall body wellness. 
Following the strict regime to achieve workout goals and fitness objectives, members are guaranteed results and changes to be seen and felt within 21 days.

The mission of the program is to become a strong partner in our community that provides the right motivation to strive for excellence and give support to improve health and fitness for all ages.


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