Friday, 2 October 2015

10 Sierra Leone Celebrities With Signature Poses:

Ever notice how whenever there is a camera ready to take a snap, you immediately morph into a signature pose?
Well  some celebrities like us are the same.
Below are 10 celebrities who seldom deviate from their signature poses. Maybe we should all be taking notes!

#1. Buba- we never know his true feelings towards us, is he sizing us up, warning us, happy to see us, or just a little confused. Which is it Bubz?? 

#2.Emmerson- always looking at everything but the Camera. Hey, Over Here emmz!

#3. Amizo Bah- has a favourite side of her face and she aint shy to show it.

#4- Nick Asgill-  making us feel a little intimidated with the stern stare behind those dark shades. 

#5. DoubleBangz- Mark set and always know your place.
Isa on the left and Mistri on the right.

#6.Cece- pucker up Baybe.

# 7. Zainab Sheriff-  bout that cute baby gangsta life.

#8. Tyroon Da Prince- seems to always find a wall to lean on for support. We gat you G.

#9. Hawa Kamara- No matter where, when, doing what , she has that colgate smile ready.  Say Cheese!

#10 Abizzy- always concealing something in his belt. 
Shh, dont tell nobody.

#11. Nasser Ayoub-  pointing at someone in a picture is a way of making them feel important. *Tip*

#Ellen Keister-Its all hands on hip for Miss Ellen Keister and her very wide smile.

 There you have it, choose the one that works for you and snap away.

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