Wednesday, 24 August 2016

Celebrity Makeover: CeCe's New Look | Chop N' Change'

Cece  never fails to turn heads with her hairdos, whether she's debuting a platinum Silver look for a video or opting for long wavy locks for award shows.
See what she looks like now 

Earlier this week the singer’s daughter shared a photo with her mum unveiling an edgy fresh new cut mohawk.  

The Mohawk For a New Edgier CeCe

Cece also showed off her new look on Snapchat, but hasn't yet made her mohawk Instagram/facebook debut. We are waiting with bated breath to see the look in full effect.
As far as we can tell from fans of the singer, they are convinced that this edgy side has been inspired by Cece’s new single 'Love Is Crazy' which features hit singer, Yung Sal. 

 We take a look back at some of the soul singer's most memorable hairstyles... 

Wet and Wavy Locks on location for 'LOVE IS CRAZY' shoot
Natural Fro updo ,supporting 'Oust Ebola event' in London

Silver Storm for 'Jihun' Video 

Loose Ombre dip Dye curls  

Marly Twists on holiday 

Blonde Curly Bob for her Birthday last November.

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  1. it looks like a modelling show, where people are given a complete makeover just to be able to be presented before others, I think one should be comfortable in their own skin.


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